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Grand Dragon of the DumpCounts.com Klan Unmasked

Michael Morris – In Focus

That title is really dramatic, don’t you think? It is only fitting that the explanation of the drama queen behind this rather silly attempt to see 12 Judicial District Judge James Waylon Counts not be retained this November represented to the world as DumpCounts.com begin on a contextual note because from here on it is straight outrage. At first I was lead to believe that these persons had a legitimate grievance. Once their identities began to become known due to some cohesiveness failures in the corporate glue and darned good leads I found their leader to be worse than I had guessed in my last rant. Want to take a guess?

Before I go on I would like to say I do not wish to hear any threats of lawsuits. If you feel I have harmed you unlawfully then file the suit. Just so we are clear that I stand by what is here and will, under no circumstances short of that court order you will be looking for, retract any of what follows.

While I was reading up on Otero County’s pungent unwelcome punch bowl garnish I was amazed that even my colorful language yesterday concerning this cabal fell so short of the actual mark I should be cut from the sarcasm team when placed beside the unadorned reality of the “brains” behind DumpCounts.com. No really. If you told someone this guy was insane and dishonest you could be accused of buffing and shining him.

Here is how I decided to explain why our main street is littered with the billboard ravings of a madman. Yes madman and you will say it too. Be patient. Imagine you were carrying an 18 year grudge. Imagine you filed numerous lawsuits in a vain attempt to settle that score. Imagine on your last go around one judge told you conclusively to take a hike. Imagine you appealed this final blow to your nearly two decade feud only to get a thin boilerplate ruling years later from the Court of Appeals affirming that judge’s decision. Imagine that instead of publishing your own case that makes you hate this judge you pluck some cases off various web sites and proclaim this judge is wrong all the time when you are holding the tear soaked evidence from the Court of Appeals that he was right in your case. Hell yeah you are mad. You have invested a third of your life in beating those SOB’s only to be told no. What are you to do? Climb a tower and start shooting? Nah, not brave enough to go out that way. How about an anonymous publicity campaign to git em, right? Now what kind of bovine byproduct would pull a move like that? The town’s head evacuative orifice, that’s who. You want to know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

As I said before I wanted to introduce these folks to you. So often such civically minded folks are overlooked and left in the shadows. Well, not tonight. Tonight it is my pleasure to introduce to you the OZ behind the curtain of the latest political phenomenon to sweep the Tularosa Basin, DumpCounts.com, the one and only Melvin Elkins, proprietor of High Mountain Appraisal, 1216 New York Ave in Alamogordo. You can visit Mel on the web not only at DumpCounts.com but also at his other site HighMountain-Inc.com. The amazing part of this is that a guy with judgment like this is making decisions that affect the value of property. I don’t think our family will be making use of this one. How about yours?

I don’t want to worry about specifics as it relates to the two decades of senseless lawsuit after senseless lawsuit. You can look all that up for yourself if you enjoy the fascinating world of NM water law. What is important is the vendetta Elkins has been fighting that has so consumed him that he will use tactics to unseat this judge that are not necessarily in the public interest. The only way you can know is to have the whole story, not just a bunch of red text in an attempt to make a mole hill seem like quite a mountain. Redacting the substantive part of a 5 page document to shake the pro forma reversal language at us like some sort of talisman is dishonest, so it is fair to say that you are dishonest. Not a quality I look for in an appraiser. You?

It is no coincidence that the Dump Counts Campaign began at the same time your appeal failed is it? Why not just publish your case, the law, your legal argument on that law and the reasons you took to the appeals court demanding a reversal? You bought a whole copy of the case D-1215-CV200100520 on May 22, so the heavy lifting is done. If you have been wronged by this judge why not explain the story you know best – yours? You know, do the right thing. Why instead have you engaged in specific acts intended to keep your name out of this? Is it because you have pending cases before the judge? That makes for an interesting catch-22? Fortunately most people will never have this problem since nearly no one files as many lawsuits in a lifetime as you. You choose to be in court all the time with your insane ravings.

When did you know you had to do this campaign? Was it 2 years ago when Counts ruled against you or was it a couple of months ago when the appeals court agreed with James Waylon Counts? It seems to me if your problem was with the judge your hate plan should have begun 2 years ago leaving plenty of time for you and your sue happy associates to move to different judges. Nah, why bother when lying and misrepresenting seem to come to you so easily? In fact it seems almost natural and you propose to take your fellow citizens down your path to the padded cell with you without challenge. What right do you have to that? None. You chose to hide behind a proxy registration and hurl flames that amount to the ravings of a furiosus for your own petty purposes without regard to the good of the community at all. For that you are all but a traitor.

I know you are mad. I know you are insane, but I urge you to carefully consider your next moves never again assuming you know anything. The judgment you have exhibited so far in life has gained you a reputation as real shaft, cost you years of your life chasing a now lost vendetta and has made you a public fool. I assure you the plan you are formulating at this moment is so filled with perils you are yet to imagine you should avoid it at all costs. Why not just stop being a jerk, take your lumps like the rest of us and get on with life or replace that Andy-Warhol-on-crack web site with your case and convince us that way?