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People for Aerospace-Otero – Who are they?

Michael Morris – In Focus

Many of you in Otero County received a slick and upscale brochure extolling the virtues of the hotly debated GRT to help finance Spaceport America last week. The sponsor of this seems to be a PAC calling itself People for Aerospace-Otero. I have been asked by a few readers if I know anything about this operation. In response I will offer what I could find on short notice. What I found ought to have Otero County Republicans stroking out all across the county. Can I have a little fun before I get to the good stuff?

Owing to the fact that the lunch my wife served yesterday resembled a couple of everything off a grand buffet I napped in the afternoon rendering me unable to sleep whilst normal folks snoozed away. Having a little time on my hands I endeavored to find some information on People for Aerospace-Otero. What I found was rather amusing and supports my theory that many of New Mexico’s “best and brightest” are on a par with South Carolina (just a random pick) prison labor. At the same time I found myself a bit confused. You see I thought Republicans and Democrats were opposing parties.

If I were a Republican in Otero County I would be heating the tar kettle and emptying my down pillows for feathers for Otero County Republican Chair Sassy Tingling for what she has done to sell you folks down the river. For what, would be a good question, but I am unable to answer that yet. The Republican Party will have to decide whether Tingling is a traitor or a fool. Either way I can say with certainty you have been sold out, lock, stock and barrel over this spaceport tax issue.

You may remember last Wed. Tingling changed the longstanding party monthly meeting to Wed. from its normal Tues. to accommodate Steve Landeene, Executive Director of the NMSA or spaceport authority, who Tingling invited to sell you on the spaceport tax. Some mentioned that the meeting change conflicted with church and they were unable to attend, but what could Sassy do since Landeene was selling the spaceport on the Mike Haymes Show on Wed. morning? We could not ask him to speak to the Republicans then stay overnight in Alamogordo, now could we? In fact Tingling has become the leader in promoting the spaceport tax even appearing on the Haymes show with Landeene. Patience, I am getting to the point.

The organization pushing the tax calls itself People for Aerospace-Otero. In fact its Treasurer, Yvette Herrell of La Luz, was featured in the Alamogordo Daily News on Sept. 16 explaining the Republican Party presentation and giving her name and number as the contact for the event. What we need to do is look just a little deeper to find out that this is really not some grass roots organization of locals in support of the spaceport tax, but something rather different. First the preliminaries. The address registered with the New Mexico Secretary of State is:

5850 EUBANK BLVD NE B-49-254

This means that its address is Box 254 in this storefront mail stop at Eubank and Juan Tabo pictured below. Not exactly local, huh? It gets better or I would not bother.

Mailing address for spaceport lobby group People for Aerospace-Otero

Mailing address for spaceport lobby group People for Aerospace-Otero

The listed phone number, 505-603-9405, is a Santa Fe number belonging to Tara Geise. Don’t recognize her name? Tara is the Chief Financial Officer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) and former CFO of the Richardson presidential campaign. Perhaps you have a better recognition of her husband, Josh Geise, who is the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. Do you see what I am getting at here? An organization born from the highest levels of the Richardson camp and DPNM was able to sponsor and promote a sales pitch in front of the Otero County Republican Party monthly meeting, get the Chair to change the day of the meeting to accommodate Richardson’s emissary, get the chair to alienate a fair portion of the local party with the stunt and get the chair to literally shout down anyone who thought this a bad idea. At the same time they were not smart enough to get Herrell or some obscure intern to get the cell phone to front this storefront mailbox PAC.

Do you feel betrayed? You should. While it was Toots Green and her Committee of 50 who were shopping Landeene around town the Democratic Party was laughing their heads off getting the Republican Party to deliver their pitch at the monthly meeting. And you wonder why you get screwed all the time. Richardson and Co. see you as fools and, judging by how easily they pulled off this hijack, they may not be without reason.

Personally, if I were a party member I would be screaming for Sassy Tingling’s immediate resignation, but I am not, so I can get some amusement at how you were played. Remember I was shouted down when I tried to warn you. Tingling also called in to the Haymes show raving like a mad woman at those who felt the Republican Party should not be promoting taxes such as Janet White. But it wasn’t the Republican Party that was pimping you. It was the Democrats all along just using the fools who would kiss any ass to get a little exposure.

On the other hand the Dems at the top of the state party probably could not get this tax passed without the help of an all-day sucker and they found theirs. Traitor or fool? Does it matter? Richardson probably wet his pants laughing when he heard the staunch Republicans of Otero County were fooled much like Elmer Fudd was fooled by Bugs in a hat and a dress.

Bill says, “Come on back and see me when you got more money hillbilly.”