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Mike Harris – The Truth Behind the Legend – Part 2

Michael Morris – In Focus

Just a good ole boys. Never meanin’ no harm… Seems Roscoe (Royse City Police Chief Tom Shelton) and Cletus (Royse City Police Sgt. Jim Baker) have cooked themselves a plan to get that low down rotten Mike Harris. Seems some of their associates aren’t quite willing to accept that raise and contract extension the Board of Trustees down at the schools done gave the varmint. In fact they got em some pictures cousin Clem says proves the Superintendent stole gas. Let’s see how them fellas did.

Maybe the best place to start is the end. After all that is where all the steppin’ and a fetching happened anyway. The end of the case of The Gas Nozzle Bandit was described by LaKisha Ladson of The Dallas Morning News who wrote of the day (Sept 7, 2006):

Police Sgt. Jim Baker said that not all the digital photos taken by the surveillance camera had been saved to a computer hard drive.

“The ones they saved were important,” he said, “but the ones they didn’t save were potentially important also.”

Maybe the ones not saved were the ones showing a theft of gas. Referring to the images Ladson goes on to pen:

On Wednesday, Chief Shelton said that surveillance camera photos of Mr. Harris at the pump had looked “a little incriminating” but that the evidence “might not be enough for a conviction.”

Now some have said the problem with the images were the dates and times ascribed to them and how that eventually led the District Attorney to walk away from the “case”. Whatever the cause the boyz did a pretty lousy job of explaining a problem with pictures.

We have to remember that Roscoe was in on the “investigation” from the start.

“The board initially asked for help with “internal controls,” the chief said, but on Monday requested a police investigation. – (Dallas Morning News – April 10, 2006)

Royse City Chief of Police Tom Shelton said Monday that Harris is one of several suspects in the investigation. – (Royse City Herald Banner – April 10, 2006)

–> Which seems to indicate that the internal investigation did not conclude Harris the thief either.

“We are investigating the possible theft of possibly several hundred dollars worth of fuel taken from the transportation department from the district. We’re going to use all the available resources that we have and we may even seek the help of an outside law enforcement agency to make sure that we have an unbiased investigation,” Shelton said. – (Royse City Herald Banner – April 10, 2006)

Unbiased? Why on earth would he bring up that word? The suggestion, of course, is that someone thought there might be some bias in the police turned private detectives internal investigation that named Harris as “one of several suspects”. That was Christopher Lee Milner, Chief, Special Crimes Division, Collin County District Attorney’s Office . He turned it down. Fortunately Milner has a math degree from Rice, so it was not all that difficult for him to see this just didn’t add up. And so it died with the Great Gas Caper never even charged against Harris with the board issuing 2 statements indicating that the firing had nothing to do with the criminal investigation.

Nothing to do with the criminal investigation means one of two things. Either the gas thing was over by that time or that the action by the board was based on the internal investigation that termed Harris “one of several suspects” rather than what the police chief termed an “unbiased investigation” called for by the board. Neither of those seems to support the Gas Bandit theory.

So. Let’s see what we have so far. “Possible theft” of “possibly several hundred dollars worth of fuel” with Harris being “one of several suspects”. The internal investigation returned inconclusive with several suspects going into the “unbiased investigation” by an “outside law enforcement agency” which was subsequently dropped with regard to Harris. Now how this adds up to proof was left to the visiting Hughey Hogg (aka Lord Karl Anderson). Hughey’s use of a forged life and defective moral compass earned him the title of The Libelist in some circles.

In Libelist terms it sounded more like this:

”A Grand Jury was being assembled on the case when Harris was allowed to resign in lieu of termination for the allegations of misconduct. – (Royse City Herald Banner – March 18, 2009)

The only thing lower than the Libelist and his cabal is that snake (no offense fellows) of a lawyer collecting dust and your tax dollars, Bruce Berlin, who took that knot of lies and distortions and turned our community into a place where it became acceptable to call our School Superintendent a criminal for no more reason than WHO other than an incompetent lawyer would work for what he does.

Two hours of simple research and, heaven forbid, interviewing the subject at least once before rushing in with an NCA full of Loonacy could have prevented this circus that has invaded a budget crisis. Since most people don’t have ethics hearings or hearings of any kind, many became convinced or at least suspicious that where there is smoke there is fire simply because some government flunkie wrote up an accusation letter.

Staightnin’ the curves. Flatnin the hills…

Mr. King, no matter what your politics you cannot stand for this.