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Of Mice, Men and One Confused Lawyer

Michael Morris – In Focus :: After all these years you would think I would become accustomed to lawyers losing their composure and making silly threats, but every time in the past when this happens it means there is some part of what I said they cannot answer and someone is asking. This year our indictment of the Bar Exam is Aubrey Blair Dunn aka A. Blair Dunn aka Blair Dunn. Dunn is being paid out of the county treasury to represent some still unspecified interest in a dispute between a rancher and USFS to which the county is not a party except for some creations, usurpations and assumptions of power by the Otero County Commission inserting itself and our tax dollars into a private matter. Maybe we should look at what it is Mr. Dunn contends and what he threatens to get a better perspective on why Mr. Dunn is so bothered by  some facts and opinion.

When Dunn began appearing in the paper and other media making statements that made no sense about the state of water rights and the authority of the County Commission or the sheriff to simply destroy a joint USFS/NM fence around a creek on a contractual grazing allotment in the Lincoln National Forest to enforce a novel view of Constitutional Rights(TM) devoid of consideration of actual law I clicked off a friend request on Facebook in order to engage in some debate. Rather than ignore the request or reject it Mr. Dunn felt the need to contact me through Facebook to assure me of how he, “as a water practitioner”, knows it all and that I, as a lowly peon, know nothing.
Are you a lawyer Mr. Morris?
When that failed here come the threats. Ridiculous ones at that.

More fun with Blair Dunn. Dingy threats part 1.

Now remember this is a lawyer telling me if I so much as use his name that he will take some kind of action, civil or criminal, against me for harassment. Saying this knowing that the use of his name, particularly in his capacity as publicity seeking representative of the county government, was in no way, under any law, within the definition of harassment obviated the need to further investigate his propensity for truthfulness. I knew that when he first started making statements to the press that were in direct disagreement with the law of the land and was misrepresenting even the facts surrounding the situation including the senseless Commission Resolution declaring the USFS action unConstitutional (Marbury v. Madison anyone?).

Since Mr. Dunn was only interested in playing childish games I went on discussing the case without him. A day or so after Dunn’s meltdown I wrote a comment to an Alamogordo Daily News (story) saying this:

What Dunn Is Whining About

So today I get a text from a friend. Oh yeah, after the first tirade Dunn blocked me on his Facebook. The text related that Dunn was looking for me and making some more spurious and senseless allegations along with some implied threats. I was able to secure a screenshot which really drove home the furiosus label I was considering. It left me wondering why Dunn has no answers for the standing of the county that would enable the County Commission to pay a lawyer to insert the county into the dispute and chooses irrational threats instead. Let’s get on with the show.

A. Blair Dunn posts in Facebook looking for Morris.

1. What is his reluctance to answer a few simple questions choosing this instead?

2. Practice of law?

NMSA 36-2-27. Practice without admission; contempt of court; foreign attorneys.
No person shall practice law in a court of this state, except a magistrate court, nor shall a person commence, conduct or defend an action or proceeding unless he has been granted a certificate of admission to the bar under the provisions of Chapter 36 NMSA 1978. No person not licensed as provided in that chapter shall advertise or display any matter or writing whereby the impression may be gained that he is an attorney or counselor at law or hold himself out as an attorney or counselor at law, and all persons violating the provisions of that chapter shall be deemed guilty of contempt of the court in which the violation occurred, as well as of the supreme court of the state;

3. Defamation?

So the question is for what reason Mr. Dunn seeks my location. If it be for personal confrontation I counsel against that in the strongest possible terms, but that’s his choice.

Otherwise it is time to put up or shut up Mr. Dunn. I dare you to sue me or file a criminal complaint. I absolutely dare you.

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